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Pool refurbishment - London

Customer's Brief:- refurbishment of old liner swimming pool in London.

The old paving and fibre glass roman end steps were removed.  

The oversite was then prepared to receive Millboard decking and also included decking the housing for the Save-T 3® automatic safety cover. 

New corner steps were constructed inside the pool and a swim jet counter- current unit, which also included an underwater light, was installed in the deep end wall.

The pool was then readied for the new liner with felt underlay fitted beneath to give a cushion effect and stainless steel pool fittings installed for a contemporary look.

The pool surround was laid using Millboard coppered oak decking fixed with stainless steel screws.  This decking is virtually maintenance free.

A new lighting sheme, including the pool underwater light, was fitted all wired to be operated by a remote control.

An Save-T 3® automatic safety cover was fitted to aid safety,increase heat retention and minimise the use of chemicals and cleaning.

All aspects of this work was carried out by Poolworx own in-house technicians with the exception of the electrical installation.

Specification :- 12'x24' liner pool.

  • Turquoise liner with felt underlay.
  • Stainless steel pool fittings and Badu Jet counter-current unit.
  • Save-T 3® automatic safety cover.
  • Millboard coppered oak decking.
  • Remotely controlled lighting scheme.

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