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Buyer Beware!

A couple of weeks ago our engineers were called out to a swimming pool which had an automatic safety cover fitted to the pool.

The majority of times the client tried to put the cover onto the pool the fabric jumped out of the tracks.

On investigation we found that the fabric had been replaced with a different manufacturer's fabric. Some cover fabrics can be retro fitted to different manufacturers cover systems but not all.

The new cover was not compatible with the end track guides, and the system was not designed for the new fabric.

If you're thinking of a pool cover fabric change, consider asking the following questions.

Some companies say they are expert or specialise in safety covers-are they?

Is the fabric you are being quoted for compatible with your system? We fit genuine factory parts to our system. If we work on other manufacturers systems we use their parts.

Our engineers always leave a service report stating the work that has been carried out and the parts that have been used. 

Most safety covers are fitted to aid safety, is it worth taking the risk?

Our engineers have been factory trained in America to work on our system, the Save-T cover, and have also trained in slatted overlay installation.

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