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How to keep your swimming pool clean

The simplest method of keeping your swimming pool clean is to remove any surface debris and/or large floor debris with a net on a telescopic pole.  Attaching a manual vacuum cleaner to a telescopic pole and flexible vacuum hose through the skimmer allows you to clean the pool in virtually the same way as your carpet indoors.

There are various automated systems to minimise the amount of time and effort required to keep your swimming pool in good condition.  Firstly the suction type which works through the skimmer or vacuum point and relies on the swimming pool pump to create suction and movement, secondly there are cleaners with their own separate electric booster pump to boost water pressure.  Thirdly, there are self-contained electric cleaners with an integral filter which are powered from the mains electricity supply, which is generally reduced to 24v via a safety device.  

It is not recommended that cleaners be left in the pool while being used by bathers.

Each type of cleaner offers generally similar results with the choice depending upon your specific requirements and budget.  Please ensure that you check if the pool cleaner that you wish to use is designed to clean either the floor and/or walls.


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